Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bomber is resting up for the 4th of July festivities.  He's quite content with his couch, blanky, and the remote.  What more could a lazy dog ask for?                                     

Jamie and Stanley are chilling out - waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Abigail decided to become Jamie's protege.  Afterall, they look so much alike - if only someone could keep up with her, satisfy her curiosity, teach her a thing or two and just plain tolerate her childish antics.

Bomber, Boo  Boo & little Abigail relax and entertain friends Stanley, Stella and Jamie.

Uncle G is comforting Stella.  She was a little jealous of all the attention her mom & dad showered upon silly  Abigail.  It's just that she's so cute - no one can resist.

Well, hellllloooooooooooooooooooooooo.  I've been a wee bit lax in me blogging duties.  I have been busy to say the least.  It's been two long months since my last entry - and things here in the O'Pearce household have been constantly changing, as they tend to do.  My "Mom" has a new job much closer to home so I see much more of her.  Some of the many and various human "pups" have been in and out of the house, living here, visiting here, eating here, etc, etc, etc.  I never know (besides me big brute of a brother, Bomber (aka BooBoo)) who will be hanging about the house during the day.  Luckily for them - I treat them all the same - as if I am royalty and they are here to serve me.  (Some have accused me of being French instead of Irish - and to them I say - Bon Jour.)  I did manage to escape my family/captors one day - briefly.  Luke was home alone with us - and I had used my devilish charm to lull him into a sense of trust.  He opened a door  briefly, and I saw freedom between his legs (afterall, girls - I am a wee lass, about a size zero I believe...)  I was out and gone in a flash.  But Luke, knew what to do and did not panic (well, perhaps he panic'd a wee bit...) he called for me - no dice, he used the duck call - I AM NOT A DUCK, he chased me - I am FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!  Then he did the unthinkable.  He enlisted a group of neighborhood kids to form a circle around me.  What nice children.  What cute kids - hey is this circle getting smaller?  Before I knew it, they had SURROUNDED me.  I was defeated by mere children.  Hmmmmph.  Finally, Luke carried me all the way home.  I've had other adventures too - but my blogging muscles are a bit stiff. Stay tuned, and I promise to be back online soon!  

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bomber Fitzpatrick MacDougal's Gotcha Day!!!

It's Offical - Bomber's been Adopted!
A Sloppy Kiss for Mommy!
One of Bomber's Favorite Spots!
And now, for my impersonation of a Boa,
I will slooooowly unhinge my jaw and 
swallow this rawhide bone whole...

Top o'the mornin' all.  I have been a wee bit remiss in my blogging duties - my humble apologies...but I did want to announce that, IT'S OFFICAL - BOMBER IS MY BROTHER!  Those nice humans, Kristen and Gyeong came by on  Monday, April 28th - just to visit with me of course - because it's all about me - and oh, bye the way, while they were here, my mommy and daddy signed the adoption papers for Bomber.  So now I have a brother, and I couldn't be happier for him - after all - I am THE sister to have!  We celebrated the evening with some gourmet hors-d'ouvres (aka, bully sticks!!!).  YUMMY!
We have been lounging outside more lately as M&D (Deirdra and David) have been spending more time on the deck/patio.  Last night some of the human siblings were over (Luke and Emily) and we had a fire on the patio.  They watched the fire while I stalked a series of flying beetles - they're very crunchy.  After we had all gone to bed - I did my "have to go outside to pee imitation" just so I could go outside to get even MORE beetles, because, in case I haven't mentioned it - it's all about me!
I will post more soon - I hope that everyone, greyt and small, has a grand day!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Top o'the mornin' t'all you fine folk - canine and human alike.  Thought I would take just a wee bit o'tyme. and share some of the goings on in the O'Pearce house hold .  First of all - well yes laddy, of course I'm from florida, but my ancestors came by way of boat from the emerald isle - and I'm as Irish as they come - so d'n't be spreading any more of your jealous rumors regarding me.  Afterall, I dinna complain aboot your being from Scotland, Mr. Bomber Fitzpatrick MacDougal MacNair Wilson MacGregor! (And I won't embarris you by sharing Mommy's pet name for you - Boo Boo - it's just between you and me, right?  Right.) 
We have been getting to know this fine family and our new home.  We've taken to playing, especially anywhere we feel up to it.  Our favorite play spots are the living room and the backyard.  I canna quite get up to full speed in the living room, but in the backyard, aye, now there's a place for this lass to shine!  Bomber romps like a big male lion - as if he's ready to pounce on me and swallow me whole.  I run circles around him.  (Bomber pines in:  First of all - I let her run circles around me - have to wear this wee pup out a bit - and Second - I could swallow her whole - but I think she'd just continue to play in my tummy and then make me gassy!)
I heard mommy and daddy talking, and I could use some reader's help.  You see, I have a B E A utiful face!  Black with a thin white blaze running from just above my wee little nose, up between my B E A utiful brown eyes, on up to my wee forehead.  Daddy says that this is my "stubborn streak", and I canna figure out just what exactly does that mean?
Anyway - we love it here and the humans love us too - hope it's as grand where you are too!  Hope to see some of you on the leash soon!! 

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little sister's in fantasy land...

this is not abigail...this is her strapping older brother.  i usually go by the name of bomber, but here i have lots of names like boo-boo, wilson macgregor and macgillicutty, macdougal, fitzpatrick.  this family thinks i'm scottish because of my plaid collar and my color,  it's all good though, i answer to anything.  i especially like when mommy calls me boo boo.  so, i decided to get in on the action of this blogging stuff while abigail is napping and i have to type fast, so sorry for the grammar.

i have been here for one week now and life is sooo good.  i have been shopping at petsmart  everyday - okay - well not everyday be we go there a lot and i have a crush on the lady at the checkout.  i think she knows because she's always giving me treats.  then abigail starts her "jealous nellie" act and she gets one also.  i don't think she realizes how lucky she is to have a striking, wicked gorgeous brother around.  it's all good though.

mommy was vacuuming today and she made me get up out of my bed while i was all relaxed.  i didn't want to budge but i didn't want her to vacuum me with the nozzle  like she did abby.  abby wasn't afraid- she looked like she thought it was fun - not me - i bet that thing could suck your soul right out of your body!  abby's too young and naive to realize that though.  sometimes that girl does the most ridiculous this whole "irish lass" business.  excuse me if i'm mistaken but she is from florida, just like me.  she can pretend all she wants but she is a southern belle.  anyone with 1/2 brain can tell that, she's so prim and proper all of the time...always barking in my face and showing off with her's all good though.

i better finish before she wakes up and starts barking in my face again.  tomorrow we are going to some picnic where i'll see lots of my friends.  it sounds like it will be so much fun and i'm so excited.  i know that i'll be the best one there.  i'll write some more tomorrow and put up some pictures of all the fun.  i'm exhausted and it's time for a nap.   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All Bark and no Bite...

Little Blue Riding Hood...

...and look, I've got a wee pink bow on me glorious!

...what...we wer'n't up to anything...

Modeling new clothes makes me tired...

Watching Abbey on the fashion runway
makes me tired...

So, me dear brother has been here with us for a few days, and it seems our personalities go hand in hand - or paw in paw - if you like.  He is a kind and gentle soul, and doesn't play as often as I would like...sometimes I shake his own toys in his face while he's trying to nap - even though this does no good atall...I've even tried barking at him, (yes, I'm one o'those rare barking greyhounds - it's apparently in me blood).  Last night, during one o' me barking sprees, he began to growl, ever so gently at me, more of a complaint mind you.  I barked, he growled-rumbled, and my humans laughed.  It was quite fun.  Eventually, I gave up.
Did you see the pictures o' me new jacket?  That nice, sweet, dear, lady  made it for me- bless her soul!  She must be Irish...  Anyway, it fits me well in all o'the right places, and that PINK bow!  It's so flattering!
We've just now come in from outside, where, we played together (i.e., we raced around the backyard like the devil h'mself was after us.  My but we're fast.  And the biggest surprise of all, when big brother gets excited - he barks too!  What a happy family!  See you soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh, Brother...and other musings...

What a lovely stay inside that is - a fine Spring day, cool, w' a bit o' wind, and rain - and afterall - I'm a wee bit tuckered out after all of the hoopla yesterday!  First, I met me brother - a fine strapping lad name-o' Bomber.   "Hello, nice to make your aquaintance - hope to see you again another time, soon perhaps...........WHAT - you're staying at MY place???!!!"  Hmmmm...seems my humans neglected to tell me we were having company.   This changes everything.   Think, think, think!!!  So this big guy comes to my house, and nuzzles my humans, explores my backyard, drinks out o' me own dear water bowl...goes up and down, up and down, up and down the steps without hesitation (show-off) - and...............WAGS HIS TAIL AT THEM!!!   I may have to reconsider my "hard to get attitude".
After a brief visit home, the nice, sweet, human lady (Deirdra) takes us out to a delightful Meet and Greet  (I thought she said, MEAT and Greet...) - oh well, I had the time o'me life.  Every one thought I was so tiny and cute, and I gave out many kisses.   Deirdra had a fantastic time, so I am sure we're to be regulars at these get-togethers.
Finally, we came home, exhausted, and I decided to make peace with me brother - let bygones be bygones so to speak.  We were too tired to do otherwise.  And so, today, we are napping, dreaming about warm, sunny days, and  learning to share beds, toys, and humans.   See you all soon!  

Friday, April 4, 2008

One week complete!

Ahhhhhhh...please be patient...mmmmmmmmhhh...I'm still not done stretching yet this morning.  Just a wee note to start the day - t'will be more later to be sure, as we approach my one week anniversary with my new family.  We're all excited, my humans and I, since some of the "kids" will be visiting tonight - more humans to train how to play properly!  I will have to nap extra long today in preparation!  Please, have a restful day, one and all...because, I will!